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Web-based tools P-4

May 1, 2013

I wanted to find a tool that I would actually use in my classroom. On my lesson plan strategy, one of my activities is a Jeopardy game to use on the smartboard. I know that there must be a tool out there that would help me do this. I did know that you could create one for the smartboard on powerpoint, but it is a pain to do. I know that I wouldn’t make the time to do it that way. I wanted something quick and easy that I know I could easily do and I wanted something I actually would do.

I found this website:

I then easily implemented my information for my literary terms and easily created a game. It can be downloaded or played online.
This is great for review if you have a class that if partially online or for fully online learning.

Here is the link to play the game online.

image Jeopardy Question imputs

Jeopardy Question imputs

image, screen shot Jeopardy preparation

Screen Shot, Jeopardy downloads

image Literary Terms Jeopardy

Literary Terms Jeopardy

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