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Cultural Storytelling

March 5, 2013

I look at cultural story telling in three ways. First, telling a story of how you fit in the world, what you have done and are going to do or how you are unique. Secondly, I look at it at how the world around us is changing to fit our needs. Finally, I look at it in how the world is connected.

The first area is how you fit in world, what you have done or how you are unique. Weight Watchers recently did a media campaign entitled the, “I’m Only Human and I Did It” Project. I think this campaign shows the essence of cultural storytelling. This youtube page has multiple people telling the world “I’m only human and I did it.” They tell their story of how they lost weight even in the craziness that is life. The company has also affected how people look at weight loss with connecting people in person but also with a digital network of support.

Dr. Pepper does a great job in cultural storytelling, showing how a person is one of a kind in our society. Dr. Pepper effectively connects it to their slogan, which is, “Always one of a kind. They have successfully launched video and radio campaigns based on their catch phrase, “Always one of a kind.” They have promotion where you can choose your own catchphrase to put on a Dr. Pepper t-shirt, declaring your “one-of-a-kindness” to the world.

Dr. Pepper t-shirt promotion

Their youtube page has a number of videos of people who are “one of a kind” and they are continuing to add them to their youtube channel They have a variety of stories including a mother of five/roller derby queen, a national air guitar world champion who calls himself “Nordic Thunder” and a professional skateboarder who loves Dr. Pepper. They are all promoted as being one-of-a-kind.

When we look at how the world is changing to fit our needs, it is a change in culture because, we then respond to it and then have a new aspect to our culture. We now have a digital culture in response to new technology. This next video, Ford has created a new technology that you can now open your lift gate of your trunk with your foot. Owners of that car will respond to vehicles in a new way, thus changing culture.

Another way to look at cultural storytelling is to look how the world is connected. The Moxie Institute and One Billion Rising collaborated to create a video that promotes an end to the violence against women (Williams). The title of this video is “This Is What A Video Looks Like When Thousands Of People Make It Together.” This is cultural storytelling, but even more impressive this is how technology has brought people and cultures of the world together. I can definitely see more of this coming in the future.

Here is my pearltrees for cultural storytelling:

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  1. Jodi Doster permalink
    March 7, 2013 8:32 am

    Lynn you really did a great job hooking me into your story on the culture of food in digital storytelling. The Dr. Pepper promotion was a great example of cultural digital storytelling. The skater and his video used many of the elements of digital storytelling in the video using his life as a skater to promote Dr. Pepper. I wasn’t has impressed with Jennifer Hudson I felt it fell a little short of being a good digital story. The weight watchers video was more of a lecture on how weight watchers worked. I also wasn’t sure how all the blogs were part of cultural digital storytelling. Then I wondered at the end how the Microsoft meeting video fit into it all. You have a really strong beginning and I might be off on the blog part but this is a really strong part of our culture we all love food. Thanks for sharing.

  2. March 18, 2013 2:32 pm

    I like the examples you’ve chosen for your response. Food and diet are deeply and broadly related to culture in so many ways. They make an excellent context for this assignment.

    There are two elements to this assignment that need some attention. The first is a conclusion to your response. What are you trying to say about food and culture? How do the examples you chose illustrate your theme? At this point, the examples you chose seem to float around by themselves. What is tying them together? Why should we pay attention to them?

    The other element that is missing is a link to your curation site–e.g., PearlTrees, Scoop.It, etc– for this response. I didn’t see it in your text or in your Diigo library.

    • March 20, 2013 1:12 pm

      I know, I forgot about that part, I will add it now. I will work on editing this, it feels disjointed to me as well. I do think that blogs do have their place in digital storytelling, although they are not in a video fortmatt, they definitely tell a digital story.

  3. Kelly Gebauer permalink
    April 29, 2013 9:58 pm

    Great job and I wouldn’t have thought of doing my blog on food and culture, but it a big part of any culture and definitely has a story to tell. Interesting how weight and diet always go hand and hand with food. I especially liked the Dr. Pepper T-shirt campaign because that has a whole other cultural element to it too. We all want to be “one of a kind” and Dr. Pepper has successfully now linked that to pop. I appreciated how you connected yourself to the assignment.

    All and all very interesting and I agree with Skip’s comments. Good beginning, but there needs to be a conclusion of shorts that ties your thoughts and everything together. I would also like to see the link to your curation site.

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