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Maker’s Diet

August 31, 2011

So, I have decided to try the maker’s diet. I have been doing Weight Watchers, which I like, but I also really want to move to eating more whole foods. I have looked into nourishing traditions and for my analytical mind, there was not enough research to support the claims to my satisfaction. Although, I believe that there something to their claims.

I was looking at some blogs, specifically maker’s diet mom, and I looked up the book and started reading it. They now have a maker’s diet for weight loss. One thing I like about this book is that the author has gotten a few doctors to review it and has some research to back up the claims.

I started thinking about it and researching it and decided to try it. It definitely meets my goal of eating healthier. I also have acid reflux and I want to stop taking medicine for this. I hope it can help.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of this diet:

-Eating Healthy
-Possible Weight loss
-Trying out the Coconut oil (been wanting to try it)
-Lots of vitamins and nutrients
-Possible health benefits
-Drinking lots of water is good for you.
-They have you exercise.
-It gives you 2 cheat meals a week, which makes it so much more do-able.

-Expensive (supplements and vitamins very expensive, specialty food expensive)
-Keeping to a diet is hard.
-Going to the bathroom all the time, due to the amount of water they want you to drink, is annoying!
-They have you exercise (which might mask the true effect of the diet), plus exercise is hard.
-It is 16 weeks and I don’t know if I can do it for that long. (The old one was for only 40 days).

Final Con – The book isn’t extremely helpful or user-friendly. To get the whole diet you have to pull from multiple parts of the book. It doesn’t give you portion sizes or give alternatives to salads for lunch. So, I don’t know if it is ok to have leftover dinner for lunch the next day or do I need to have a salad?

So, a couple of things I have decided while doing this diet.

1st-I can’t worry about getting everything organic, up here, it isn’t possible and extremely expensive. I will do my best though.
2nd-I am going to continue on Weight Watchers, I am just going to count my points along with the Maker’s Diet.

First 2 days:

So, I started this yesterday and it went well. I found out in the last two days that I do like boiled eggs and garbanzo beans. I also can have a smoothie for breakfast and it will last me a while if it has yogurt, flax-seed oil and coconut oil. Plus, it was super yummy!

I also exercised yesterday! They suggest a 3 min. warm up and seven 30 second really intense workouts broken up with minute and a half slower movement. I did it!
But, I did it mainly because my husband reminding me that it would make me feel good to exercise and it did…

I did have to pee all the time and yes that was annoying, but I didn’t really get hungry except right before a meal. And actually, I couldn’t finish all my lunch because it was too much (both days).

So, so far so good (wow a lot of so’s in that sentence). I am going to keep at it. Wish me luck.


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  1. Lisa File permalink
    August 31, 2011 5:16 pm

    if you keep drinking the water, your body will get used to it eventually and you won’t be spending all your time in the bathroom.

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