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Budgets and Freezer Cooking…

June 27, 2011

I love the website, from Once a month Mom. In fact, last year, when I was pretty pregnant, my friend Christy and I did the whole cook for a month in one exhausting day. (I so overdid it that day, that I had really bad swollen ankles and some contractions a month or two before I was supposed to..)

Christy and her family gobbled up the food, Pete and I, not so much. We still have a couple things in our freezer that I am scared to try. So, not for us, sadly.

But, recently we started to get on a budget, using The total money makeover by Dave Ramsey. We have done babystep number 1 and are working on step 2. Which means and emergency fund in place and start paying off debt. We are really excited about this. But, how does this relate to food?

Since, we are on a budget and we both like taking leftovers for lunch and we don’t have the time or inclination to cook much during the week, I cook big on the weekend.

This is the start of the third week on this and it has worked great. I made up a huge batch of enchaladas for the first big batch and a large pot of chili later that week. I also made a big batch of sourdough muffins. Yum!

We were still eating on a little of that the next week, I then made a pasta dish with kielbasa, green beans and Parmesan cheese.

This weekend, I made a large batch of chicken teriyaki with brown rice and veggies. We put it in individual servings in bags. I have 14-16 servings sitting in my fridge and freezer.

It is going to be a yummy week…

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  1. Rachel permalink
    September 9, 2011 10:54 pm

    Sounds awesome!

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