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April 4, 2011

I love food. Not a surprise…But my recent passion is sourdough. I love the chemistry and magic (almost) that creates sourdough. You can create this lovely, fluffy bread from just water and flour. I love to try to one up myself, every time I cook. Plus, my husband loves sourdough bread, I love bread and sourdough pancakes, so it works out well.

Recently I have been making sourdough pancakes, whole wheat ones, that were super yummy! The first time I remember having sourdough pancakes was at my great-aunt Lucy’s fish camp. My aunt, cousin, sister and great-aunt had gone up river on a boat and we had been fishing the whole day before. The next morning my aunt makes these delicious sourdough pancakes. Ever since then, I don’t even like buttermilk pancakes. Nothing comes close to sourdough.

Right now, I am keeping my sourdough starter on my pellet stove and it is working great! To keep it strong you have to feed it twice a day, almost like a little kid (although, I do feed my daughter more than twice a day!). This is my beautiful sourdough.

I think I will have enough for pancakes on Saturday.


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