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Forty Below Zero

February 22, 2011

So, earlier this week it was at least -45 at my house. It gets that cold periodically here. We plug-in our cars to keep our cars engines warm enough to start in cold like that. But, of course, the day it drops down like that is the day that my car doesn’t start.

That morning, we get up, my husband leaves for work I started getting ready for the day. I take my shower, get baby ready and start my car…and of course it didn’t start.

So, when I hit the button on the auto-start*, it didn’t start. I wasn’t worried, I figured that I just accidentally hit the button that turns off the auto-start. (I do it occasionally by accident.) So, I get dressed really quick, run outside and try to start the car and nothing, just one little “rurh” sound and nothing. Great! I have to leave for work in 20 minutes and I can’t get there. I can’t even take a cab or a bus. I live about 30 minutes out of the town I work in and no buses come to my area. I could call a cab, but I bet that would cost upwards of $50 or more.

So, I dial my hubby’s cell phone. It rings then stops, I hear a “crunch, crunch” sound like he is walking in the snow. About 30 seconds of this and he finally answers. (Last time this happened, he didn’t answer and I had to get a friend to help.) Thankfully, he works about 15 minutes away. He was able to come home, take me to work and pick me up.

Later, I found out that I apparently hadn’t plugged in my car all the way. Thankfully, it wasn’t a dead battery or anything like that… My dog’s have a tendency to step on the cord and unplug it… I am definitely blaming it on them!

*Note: (I have auto-start which means that in the middle of the winter, I can push a remote and start my car from inside the house and not have to go outside to start the car then go back inside for the 15 minutes it takes for it to warm up.)

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