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Peak by: Roland Smith

February 11, 2011

Peak by: Roland Smith

I read this book yesterday, and I couldn’t put it down until it was complete. It is considered a young adult book. But, I really enjoyed it.

This book is about this kid named Peak. He gets caught climbing a skyscraper in New York and the judge wants to throw the book at him because this is the third one he climbed and taged. Also, another kid heard about it and tried to do the same thing, ended up falling to his death.
His absent father steps into the picture and is able to get him off lightly because Peak will leave the country with his father. His dad is a famous mountain climber. He takes Peak with him to his job, leading a team to climb Mount Everest.

This book was well written, it kept me engaged the entire time. It had enough techno talk about mountain climbing for me to learn about it but also kept me in the action. I just wished it was longer, I finished it in an afternoon (but I read really fast…)

I would give this 4.5 stars-Pick this book up soon, it is a great book.

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  1. February 21, 2011 12:48 am

    I bought a kid book on my nook just because I like owls. The Guardians of Gahoole, and come to find out, Daisy is perceptive and pointed out to me, it is actually the first three books in the series. It was only $9. I am going to read it anyway. I like reading books that are not your ordinary type of book.

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