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Sick kids

February 10, 2011

My daughter has been sick for over a month with ear infections. In fact, it got so bad that I was in the doctors office, 3 times last week. In one week she got, 3 antibiotics shots, 2 x-rays, 2 blood draws (including one from her vein) and started on oral antibiotics and diflucan. This kid at 8 months has been on 6 antibiotics! @#!! It can’t be good for her. So when the doctor suggested tubes, I was ecstatic! My husband, not so much…

He read up on it and saw all the side effects. I, on the other hand, had seen family and friends with many successful tubes surgeries and was not worried. So, when we went for the consult, it was really funny. After the doc examined her and determined that yes she needed tubes. My husband started shooting off questions. Now, note that he was in his military uniform at the time… The doctor started answering in kind! It was really odd to see my husband shooting out these questions and the doctor shooting back the answers.
Pete was worried about the possible side effects. The doctor said that they are very rare (although I know people who have had all but one of the side effects.)

So, she is getting tubes next week… I hope this will solve most of the problem. She is actually a very good natured child unless she is sick, tired or hungry. She is almost always happy and smiling.

Talking about good babies…My husband says that the only reason babies historically have lasted past the infant stage is because they are so cute. Parents would have gotten rid of them a lot sooner because they can be so annoying, frustrating etc…Do you agree?

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  1. February 10, 2011 9:30 pm

    Hey Lynn! We went through the same thing with our oldest son. He had 12 antibiotics in one year for ear infections, and developed antibiotic resistance. He had the surgery for tubes, adenoids and tonsils right before he turned 4. He has only been sick 1 time since then; it was absolutely amazing. You guys are making the right choice. We had no side effects from the surgery; the recovery was mostly from the tonsillectomy. I wish you guys the best! Jaimie

  2. Michelle Rank permalink
    February 10, 2011 10:05 pm

    Went through same thing with my middle one allison, she had adnoids removed, tubes and sinus chemically cleaned- YES it helped sooo much but they said her tonsils were small and they didn’t take them, and now her tonsils have swollen again and she’s had her 3rd sinus infections again in 3 months… I’m trying the netti pot, and so far it worked great, that helps the sinus’s but those ears need the tubes. Her ears have grown and so now it doesn’t go into infection even though the tubes have fallen out, BUT if her sinus get plugged her ears fill up with fluid and we/ her teacher have to be aware because she can’t hear as well… I thought it was a fresno/ valley bad air thing but you live in great air so good luck… Really though- tubes helped emensly and they can hear when they are learning how to speak. Allison had an 80 percent hearing loss and it caused her articulation issues with r’s and th and s’s. Everythings better now except the r. She switches r’s for w’s…. so the earilier you get the tubes the better. Allison was 3 because her pediatrician was trying to be conservative but it just meant- YEARS of more antibiotics and I fear its not good for her either, she is always my one to get sick!
    Hope she gets better and the operation is a great success. I will pray for you too- its so hard for you to go through this too- hardest time in my life watching her go to surgery. But when she came out I sang her Jesus loves me and she would sleep and sleep until I stopped and then cry, so I just kept singing… good mommy memories. God is with you- HE will take care of it all!

    • February 10, 2011 10:10 pm

      Our air up here is very dry and we have a very high rate of kids needing tubes. We say it is the air up here too. Thanks for the encouragement…

  3. February 21, 2011 12:53 am

    yah I agree, in fact it was mentioned in my psychology class something to the same effect of infants being so adorable and how they attach to mothers. At 3 a child has almost the size of a head as when they are full grown yet still has a tiny body compared to full size adult. Kids are so top heavy and supposed to be awkward, but they are not at all, they are so lovable, huggable, squeezable!

    My question is why are babies so adorable and chunky…..I don’t feel as adorable with my chunks……

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