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The Demon Girl by: Penelope Fletcher

February 9, 2011

I read The Demon Girl by: Penelope Fletcher yesterday. First, have to say, not too big of a fan of the title. I generally associate demon with bad things. But, really, what made me pick the book was the picture. There was a girl on the front that had fairy wings (though my husband thinks they look more like dragonfly wings). So, I thought I would try it. The summary of the book looked good too.

What I like about this book is that it has a unique concept. So many books nowadays are predictable and this one isn’t. This is in a post-apocalyptic world. This world It does have the regular aspects of a fantasy novel: magic, fairies, humans, witches and even vampires. But, it is woven together in a new way.

All the humans in the world have gathered into little pockets of humanity guarded by a wall and clerics. These clerics defend the human race and have become a combination of a religious and governmental body.

The main character, Rae, finds out she is what the humans call a “demon,” which the clerics have decided is anything not human. This is hard for her to accept because she was raised with the idea that demons are evil and needs to be destroyed. In fact, she is training to be a cleric (defenders of humans, killers of demons). This was a fun read, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next in this series, which should come out this summer. She finds out that she is a “demon” because of an incident she witnesses that shows that clerics are not all they appear to be.

She runs into the most rare of the demon kind, a fairy and is smitten by this beautiful man. We soon find out that there is a power struggle going on among the fairies. She is soon at the center of this struggle.

What I like about this author is that the concept is unique and clever and the writing is vivid.

I give this: 3.5 stars- Enjoyable, fun, a good read.

Other cool part: You can get this FREE from the author’s website!

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